War letters, weapons, patches, pins and pictures are front and center among the military memorabilia showcased in Vietnam Mailbag: The Exhibit.

If your organization would like to host this exhibit underwritten by Delaware Public Archives, please contact Nancy.

Thanks to so many who support our cause, we've had a fantastic run with our acclaimed social history, Vietnam Mailbag, Voices From the War: 1968-1972, but, news flash, we've really just begun our mission to increase awareness of the service and the sacrifices of our Vietnam veterans. And invitations continue to roll in for talks on the book, winner of the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards gold medal for Best Non-Fiction in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We've wrapped up major talks in Chicago, Charleston, Pittsburgh, PA, Rochester, NY, and Frederick, MD where we were very warmly received and look forward to presentations in Philadelphia and other major cities. Add scores of signings from Delaware to California and it's fair to say the book is on its way! As always, it's an honor to meet so many Vietnam veterans on this journey.


Calling all veterans who wrote to Nancy's Vietnam Mailbag from 1968-1972. We want you to join us at any or all venues listed on our calendar and be recognized for your service. We're scheduling many events throughout Delaware in 2018, our 10th anniversary year, and want to honor you!

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From the early 1960s through March 1973 hundreds of thousands of men and women served in Vietnam, in an undeclared and highly controversial war. During the peak years of that conflict, from May 1968 through December 1972, a young reporter, Nancy E. Lynch, relayed the hopes and fears, the joy and tears of hundreds of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines from Delaware through the Vietnam Mailbag column she wrote in the Wilmington Morning News.

Nancy kept all those letters, and the pictures sent with many of them, neatly folded in their original envelopes. Now, more than 40 years after she began writing her column, Nancy has written Vietnam Mailbag: Voices From the War, 1968-1972, giving a new generation a fresh look at the first-person accounts of troops in the combat zone.

The full-color, 456-page book, featuring photographs taken by the servicemen themselves, forever records the experiences of our troops whose war letters are believed to be the largest collection of primary source material in existence from 1968-1972. The book concludes with interviwes from a dozen veterans who wrote so frequently to Nancy from the front lines and documents how Vietnam impacted their lives.

“Delawareans indeed spoke for all Americans through their letters and gave those of us at home an unprecedented window on the war,” Nancy says.

Nancy and some of the veterans who wrote to her so long ago are sharing their experiences at a series of free programs at public libraries and other venues. Copies of the book will be available for purchase. Here’s where you can see Nancy.

You can also meet Nancy and purchase your copy of Vietnam Mailbag: Voices From the War, 1968-1972 at one of these book-signings. Click here for the schedule.

Vietnam Mailbag: Voices From the War, 1968-1972 can also be ordered online.

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